A Caribbean Medical Student Perspective

Greetings from Belize!

We landed in Belize City after leaving Miami from a short flight that it took 1 hour and 15 minutes, coming from my final break.

Seeing Belize in person again was breathtaking and I had renewed excitement. I had the day to explore the city and try new foods.

It has been a hectic few days since I have been to the campus. I am a married mother of 3, spending the majority of my days and nights studying to become a doctor.

I spend 3 hours of the day cooking dinner for my husband, kids, helping with homework, reading to the kids and more.  At 7 p.m., I go back to schoolwork where I hit the books again, until at least 11 p.m., and often later.  My son, however, keeps things in perspective – “Mom is going to be a doctor. And that’s pretty cool.”

Well, it has been a long and arduous journey to make it here to the final four months of my first two years of medical school.  I spent a short and beautiful fall making new friends, seeing old friends and hanging out with my family. I also answered far too many questions about how I liked Belize and how much fun to be here in this beautiful paradise.

Greetings from Belize and for the new students, welcome to American Global University!

Posted by Cody Allen